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Is This For Real or a SCAM? Get Help Finding Out.

The Alabama State Bar has recently received multiple calls from lawyers targeted in collection/settlement fraud scams. As scammers grow more sophisticated and believable through trial and error, Alabama lawyers should become more aware of them and the possibility of great financial loss that they bring.

If you receive a suspicious communications that you suspect could be fraudulent, you can always refer to the AvoidAClaim blog, which serves as a clearing house for information on scams targeted at lawyers and law firms, including a database of confirmed frauds, with information about the attempted frauds and the various known aliases currently being used by the fraudsters. It’s a fantastic resource if you’d like to stay up-to-date on the latest frauds targeting you and your firm’s trust account.  The site also has lots of other good guidance on risk management in the small law firm, and you can read their latest fraud alert messages here.

If you think you may have been the target of a fraud that has gone farther than just an initial email inquiry regarding representation, contact the Bar and let us know so we can help protect your fellow lawyers from these unscrupulous predators.