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Friday Reading: Time for a New Computer?

Lately I’ve had several people tell me that they are in the market for new computers and ask me to recommend something. I’m not an IT expert and computer specifications change so quickly now that I always sidestep the question and, instead, try to get the person focused on their own specific computing needs. Do they only work in the office or do they want to take all their data with them on the road? Is their work mostly with word processing programs or do they work with videos and have other graphic-intensive requirements? How small is too small for a laptop? Could an iPad or other tablet computer meet their needs?

This past Friday in going through some (digitally) stacked up reading I came across two great articles that I think will be very useful to me and helpful for those who are wrestling with the shape their next computing purchase will take. The first is a Window’s Secrets article focusing on how to analyze your computing needs and determine whether a desktop, laptop, netbook or tablet will best meet them. The second, from the Personal Tech section of the New York Times, compares current and upcoming tablet computers, and promises to be updated regularly as new ones are released. It’s definitely worth a bookmark.