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New AmicusCuriae Website is the Lawyer’s Friend, Too!

If you’ve ever wished you knew more about how a judge in another circuit likes for things to go in his or her courtroom, you’ll be delighted to learn about AmicusCuriae, a website, currently still in the beta development phase, built by Birmingham lawyer Jenifer Champ Wallis of the Wallis Law Firm.

Subscription to the site is free. Once you create your account, you’ll receive a link by email to activate it. You can then log in and view the site’s contents.

The site is set up to allow you to search by a judge’s name, a county or a circuit, or to browse to information by circuit number or county. It contains judicial interviews along with judicial biographies and the results of a survey taken by participating judges.

At a minimum each entry includes the judge’s name and those of his or her administrative assistant or law clerk, along with phone contact information and a link to the court’s official web site and information about the courthouse. Some entries, such as that of Judge Boohaker in Birmingham, also include information such as a downloadable uniform scheduling order and “ground rules,” and information about court preferences and practices, such as the level of formality preferred by the judge in the courtroom, availability of audio visual equipment and whether or not a court reporter is provided.

Judges who wish to complete the survey and provide information about their preferences may do so by sending an email to or by filling out the online survey. Individuals or businesses wishing to advertise with Amicus Curiae may find out more here.