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Not Bad, For Government Work!

With legal jobs for new law school graduates harder and harder to come by, an often- overlooked source of legal jobs is the federal government. Both new and seasoned lawyers often do not seek out employment with the federal government because they either don’t know the jobs exist or don’t feel like they can penetrate the system to learn what jobs are available and how to go about applying for them. That excuse is no longer valid with the publication of Landing a Federal Legal Job: Finding Success in the U.S. Government Job Market by Richard L. Hermann.

After giving a brief overview of the current number of federal legal jobs (around 40,000, with about 25% of those in the U.S. Department of Justice) the book goes on to outline the pros and cons of federal legal employment; explains where the jobs are, both in structural and geographical terms; and then explains in depth the hiring process, with a chapter devoted specifically to new law school graduates. The book also has sections devoted to frequently asked questions about landing a federal legal job; how to go about getting hired; and a final section outlining where to work, including information on “hidden” positions and the “best” federal legal jobs, including factors such as areas with a great future.

If you’re looking for a legal job or have one but think you might be ready for a change, Landing a Federal Legal Job is your roadmap to a new future. Contact Kristi Skipper at the Practice Management Assistance Program if you’d like to check this book out, or you may purchase your own copy through the ASB’s discount program with the ABA webstore.