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Self-Care Tips for the Holiday Season

The term self-care has been used a lot lately, and lawyers can often scoff at the notion.  So, to set the stage for these tips for the holiday season, a basic definition of self-care is being intentional about and encouraging mind, body, and spirit well-being.  Self-care is not selfishness or self-indulgence or an excuse to put off or give up on challenges and tasks.  Instead, consider self-care a way to be at your best to close out the year, to enjoy the season, and to kick of 2023 with a focus on ways to benefit your long-term health and well-being.  In celebration of the holidays, here are 8 self-care tips:

  1. Schedule downtime – including sleep.

Managing tasks in time is a hallmark of self-management, and intentionally scheduling time to focus on yourself and the sleep that you need to rejuvenate is the start to self-care this holiday season.

  1. Set reasonable expectations.

Whether it’s closing out the billing cycle for December or attending the 2nd grade holiday program of your child’s school (and all of those December events in between), reasonable expectations require a little planning, managing time, and giving grace.

  1. Engage in physical activity.

Activities can be indoors, outdoors, individual, or in a group; for self-care, focus on physical activity that is enjoyable and that allows you to unwind.

  1. Find ways to give back.

Giving to the community in time and talents fills your soul while making a difference in the lives of others and modeling love and leadership.

  1. Prioritize YOUR values.

Commit to the activities and things that support your individual beliefs and characteristics that motivate or inspire you and say no to the rest.

  1. Practice gratitude.

Science supports that a practice of gratitude has many benefits, and for self-care, thinking of something you are grateful for directs your mind to go there and to experience the feeling of that thing – even like a warm hug.

  1. Embrace comfort.

Consider what you can manage and what you need to release.  Stick to the things that you are comfortable with – maybe you need to minimize; maybe you need to maximize – just embrace whatever suits your soul.

  1. Focus on the present.

Reflect on the past with kindness and give yourself and your loved ones the gift of presence.  Take the time to notice the little things around you – the sights, smells, and sounds, and in so doing, honor the emotions that bubble up – cherish the positive ones and release the negative ones.


As you take some tips for self-care into your holiday season, may you experience joy and love for and from others, and may your 2023 kick off with healthy strategies for long term mind, body, and spirit well-being.






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