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WordPress in One Hour to the Rescue

As you may have noticed based on the web address, this blog is hosted as a free WordPress site, so I was very happy to receive my copy of WordPress® in One Hour for Lawyers: How to Create a Website for Your Law Firm this morning. This new addition to the ABA Law Practice Management Division’s One Hour series, written by Philadelphia lawyer Jennifer Ellis will quickly tell you everything you need to know to use WordPress to easily get your own blog or firm website up and running.

Like all the One Hour series books, this one has a few short “lesson” chapters that provide you with the broad overview of topics such as choosing a web host, selecting and setting up a domain name, installing and setting up WordPress software, choosing the look of your website, adding content and functionality and optimizing your site for web search, along with the quick steps needed to speed you through the process. There’s also a chapter on the ethics issues of online legal marketing and several appendixes that cover the author’s experiences with various web hosting companies, additional installation instructions for particular hosts and, for the truly brave, info on how to access a theme’s coding. If that means nothing to you, don’t worry – you don’t have to be a tech genius to get great value from this book.

WordPress in One Hour for Lawyers: How to Create a Website for Your Law Firm is specifically designed for the lawyer who wants to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday getting a blog or simple web site up and running and then get back to the business of practicing law. Alabama State Bar members can check this book out from the Practice Management Assistance Program’s checkout library or log in to the members only area of the bar’s website to order their own copy at a discount.