Lawyer Regulation

While the Supreme Court of Alabama retains ultimate authority to regulate the legal profession, the Alabama State Bar’s Office of the General Counsel’s Disciplinary Division serves as the Court’s arm to investigate and prosecute claims that a lawyer has violated the Rules of Professional Conduct. The Disciplinary Division does not provide ethics advice.

Alabama lawyers are bound by strict rules of ethics in all professional dealings. The Alabama Rules of Professional Conduct help define a lawyer’s obligations to clients, to the judicial system, to the public, and to the profession. The Alabama Rules of Disciplinary Procedure govern the disciplinary process. And, the Alabama Standards for Imposing Lawyer Discipline are used to determine the appropriate discipline to be applied for violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Purpose of Lawyer Discipline Proceedings
  • to protect the public
  • to protect the integrity of the legal system
  • to ensure the administration of justice
  • to deter further unethical conduct
  • to rehabilitate the offending lawyer
  • to deter unethical behavior by educating other lawyers and the public.
FAQ - The Office of General Counsel Disciplinary Division
  • Does not provide ethics advice.
  • Cannot investigate charges of malpractice or resolve legal issues.
  • Does not investigate charges against judges. Allegations of misconduct against Alabama judges should be referred to the Judicial Inquiry Commission (334) 242-4089 or
  • Does not investigate charges against lawyers who are not licensed in Alabama unless they are practicing law in Alabama.
  • Investigates charges where non-lawyers are alleged to have engaged in the unauthorized practice of law.  These types of allegations may also be referred to other appropriate agencies for prosecution.
Rule 7.2(b) Advertising and Direct Solicitation

There are two ways to submit the advertising or direct solicitation materials and information as required by Rules 7.2(b) and 7.3(b) of the Alabama Rules of Professional Conduct.


Submit copies of the advertising or direct solicitation materials to the Office of General Counsel at as email attachments in .pdf (print), .mp3 (audio), or .mp4 (video) format. The maximum file size for email submissions, including attachments, is 20MB.


Office of the General Counsel
415 Dexter Avenue / P.O. Box 671
Montgomery, Alabama 36101

*We scan all materials, therefore we ask that you do not submit materials that are bound, stapled or have inserted tabbed dividers.

Unauthorized Practice of Law Complaint

Download the Unauthorized Practice of Law Complaint form here.