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Leadership Forum Class 14

Leadership Forum Class 14

To view the Leadership Forum Class 1 through 13 highlight video, click here.

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the Leadership Forum Class 1 through 13 highlight video, click here.

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The Alabama State Bar Leadership Forum is honored as a dynamic and highly effective model for nurturing and developing leadership skills and values among a select group of qualified, promising lawyers each year. Now in its 14th year, the Alabama State Bar Leadership Forum has illuminated a pathway for other state bars and legal organizations recognizing the need for servant-minded bar and community leadership. Graduates of the Alabama bar program become models of ethical and professional behavior both within and outside the legal community.

The Leadership Forum is distinguished by the quality and prominence of forum presenters, as well as its highly innovative approach to an array of subjects informing development of leadership skills and presence. The “servant leadership” ethic advanced by the forum enhances professionalism as it calls for sharing power and helping others develop and perform to the best of their ability. From the program’s inception in 2005, it has produced 377 graduates equipped not only to influence the bar but to shape the future of the state of Alabama. Entry to the program is competitive, with more than 40 percent of applicants chosen for the 30 positions each year.